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Every year almost one million children in the United States are victims of maltreatment. Homeless children are particularly vulnerable. We help parents of homeless children-- single, working-poor women--overcome the barriers to a life of dignity because children need and deserve caring, capable parents. When a homeless young, parenting woman comes to Providence House, often, her dreams are neglected and her sense of purpose understated.

Through our self-sufficiency program she discovers her own goodness, potential, and worth by establishing S.M.A.R.T. goals and achieving them, valuing education as an asset, and managing money effectively through budgeting, saving, and reducing debt.

She discovers through personal accountability and coaching that it takes prudence to make right decisions, courage to stay the course, self-control to restrain passions, and magnanimity to challenge herself and others. She leaves Providence House with more education, money, and the self-efficacy necessary to live successfully on her own!



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